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Customized Development

INTERAL can develop software and technological solutions to meet a wide variety of needs in the manufacturing industry.

These solutions are developed in collaboration with our clients through a process that allows us to follow the development’s evolution.

INTERAL’s staff includes engineers, technicians and programmers that are specialized in the following fields:


  • Database architecture
  • Database optimization
  • Microsoft .NET architecture
  • Network architecture
  • Interfacing with all kinds of systems and software


  • Industrial networks
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Barcode systems (readers, printers)
  • Palm systems – Radiofrequency
  • Palm systems – Batch

INTERAL combines one or more of the technologies mentioned above to create a new solution to meet its clients’ needs.

These solutions are installed and tested by our technicians, and a training session is offered for the employees that will deal with the system’s operations.

We have produced the following projects for our clients :

  • Control system for hydraulic presses
  • 4 axis winding machine
  • Specialized data acquisition system
  • Quality control software
  • Storage space management systems
  • Paper density data acquisition software
  • Production control software for the fiberglass industry


Our other services


INTERAL Maintenance is equipped with a user-friendly tool that allows the user to have a complete overview of maintenance work, including preventive and corrective work orders as well as service calls.

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Kompanion! Mobile Maintenance Application for iOS & Android.

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Data Export

INTERAL’s Time and Attendance module is designed to simplify the work of both employee managers and the people in charge of payroll.

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The employee file in our Time and Attendance module serves as a first class employee management tool and keeps all employee information in one convenient file.

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