CMMS Work Orders

Preventive work orders

Preventive Maintenance

Interal Maintenance is considered one of the most powerful on the market.  It offers all the tools for good management of your preventive maintenance (systematic, conditional, provisional).

One of the tools it offers is the management of preventive maintenance templates which includes various possibilities of issuing work orders in advance according to a multitude of frequency types. Work planned in advance according to specific criteria ensures longevity of assets and optimum availability of equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the company!


The strength of Interal Maintenance is that its tools can be used very easily, but it is also possible to enable more powerful functions allowing a degree of planning unmatched by most other CMMS software on the market .

The maintenance planning table is an excellent example. It offers a very simple interface with its “drag & drop” functionality which is fast and efficient and at the same time bringing one single visual overview that shows all the work ahead. Get your precise planning of work on medium and long term by activating the availability of employees or resource by using workload comparison tools. You have direct access to all data from the planning table (planning board) which allows you to get your optimum service program by simple mouse action! This maintenance board presents the work orders that are configured in the software. From this board, you can consult work order files, equipment files, or preventive maintenance files. Besides allowing you to see the forthcoming preventive maintenance workload, the board also allows you to modify, cancel, postpone, or advance maintenance work orders. The maintenance board is also available for corrective work orders.

Corrective work orders

Corrective Maintenance

The management of corrective maintenance (with OT: work order, or BT: work order, or ODM: Order Maintenance) is a fundamental functionality in CMMS software.

Any equipment whether or not well maintained, is susceptible to failure during its useful life, whether caused by a failure or an accident…

What differentiates Interal Maintenance from other software on the market, is the ease with which one can create a new work order  and the variety of means available to workers to perform this operation.

Whether using the full software, a web page or a smart phone, the person who faces the situation has all the tools necessary to effectively manage his work.

The importance in the case of remedial work is to quickly document the interventions, so as not to forget details and effectively nourish the job history and the indicators that allow managers to make informed decisions.

Interal considers the information of corrective actions as being of very high importance in the sound management of asset maintenance. That is why she has created various tools for documenting any corrective action when it occurs.

  • Gather essential information concerning unplanned interventions
  • Quickly create and assign work orders
  • Make sure every intervention is accounted for by using mini-scanners

Possibillity to add verifications (checklist) that need to be done on the piece of equipement at the same time simply by loading a user-predefined checklist. Easily calculate, verify and control the costs made on each work-order equipment. All the information is also available in ‘Reports’. Users can easily create a new work order by simply scanning a piece of equipment, or quickly add hours to a work order using a keychain-sized barcode scanner. The management by barcode has an important place within the Interal software. We’ve created a capture tool of great efficiency and ease of operation which is using this simple but powerful technology.

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