One of the great strengths of Interal software is its ability to process the information found in its database.

Report designer

One of the great strengths of Interal software is its ability to process the information found in its database. Whether in an automated way, from sensors (IoT), programmable controllers, connected systems, …, or by manual input, the Interal database contains a considerable amount of data that only needs to be valued based on data analysis or by consulting data reports, KPIs and others.

Industry 4.0 and Maintenance 4.0 are well-established concepts in Interal’s installations and the tools available to consult, analyze and drill data are numerous and meet specific needs. If we are talking about reports that can be formatted to be viewed on both screen and paper, Interal integrates a powerful report generator that allows you to modify existing reports as much as to create new ones and integrate them into the report menu to be consulted as needed by users.


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INTERAL Maintenance is a world class high-performance and user-friendly computerized maintenance manager (What is a CMMS), with a superior user interface.

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Corrective maintenance software

INTERAL maintenance is a powerful and user-friendly computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). Our world-class software has a user interface that is simple to use and of superior quality.

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Accessing customer information is quick and simple. All of your employees have access to the same reliable information, and to a search engine that helps them quickly find what they’re looking for.

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A maintenance dashboard is an essential tool for anyone who wants to see all the data that helps them make informed decisions or act quickly when they detect a situation requiring rapid intervention. Efficiently display your work information.

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Data Export

INTERAL’s Time and Attendance module is designed to simplify the work of both employee managers and the people in charge of payroll.

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The employee file in our Time and Attendance module serves as a first class employee management tool and keeps all employee information in one convenient file.

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Information, navigation, maintenance, and safety.

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Inventory management is done easily in Interal. Everything has been designed to facilitate the work of stakeholders, while obtaining a complete system for monitoring transactions and accounting cost that takes into account any movement of inventory!

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Inventory Procurement

Interal Procurement is a flexible, powerful and easy to use management tool to manage your inventory and purchasing.

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Kompanion! Mobile Maintenance Application for iOS & Android.

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MRP Production Orders

The production order will allow you to regroup all of your production so you can meet the demand.

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Interal provides powerful functions to make sound management of spare parts and materials.

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INTERAL Maintenance is equipped with a user-friendly tool that allows the user to have a complete overview of maintenance work, including preventive and corrective work orders as well as service calls.

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Predictive Maintenance System Software

Looking for management software that can provide predictive maintenance? Interal Maintenance is the maintenance management software you need.

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Preventive maintenance system software

Preventive maintenance is crucial to ensuring business continuity and the proper functioning of companies.

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Production management

Developed by Interal, the Production module (MRP software) helps meet the needs of manufacturers in terms of production management monitoring.

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Product management, recipe management, and quality control.

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A highly effective way to gather the requests of any person who is committed to the proper functioning of the company and which simultaneously allows the applicant to see how its requests were treated!

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Supplier Orders

INTERAL Procurement allows you to completely manage all information associated to your suppliers.

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Time management

Our module to manage time and attendance provides flexibility for personnel management and planning: activities, crafts, load planning, costs, wages, vacation, forecast, pointing hours, etc.

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Do you know what traceability software for manufacturing companies is ? It is a powerful tool for any company that has to manage a large number of product lots (batches, components).

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Interal CMMS statitics

Work Orders

Do you want to lighten the work of your managers with a management software that offers extensive work order management capabilities? Discover our CMMS work order software system today.

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