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Conception INTERAL Inc., also known as INTERAL, was founded in Quebec City in 1989, issued from specific automation development requests from Quebec companies.


As the years went by, with the experience acquired from its first contracts, INTERAL developed and launched PlanPro in 1996 and InventPro in 1997, which were two distinct applications that helped companies manage their maintenance and procurement activities.

PlanPro and InventPro were successful in Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario and even in the United States.


INTERAL then launched, in 2001, its IPMS application (INTERAL Production Management System), which was specialized in manufacturing production management.


In 2005, INTERAL merged three applications into one, creating a more user-friendly interface. The Time management module was added later.


Since 2009, the application is offered in « hosting » mode, making it available to more companies.


INTERAL has added features such as bar code management and Web access, making its software more user-friendly. Unique applications have been developed for specific needs. The future depends on clients’ needs and technological advancements.


INTERAL also has an international division, thanks to its subsidiary, INTERAL Technological Solutions Inc.

With help from its long-time partner in Tunisia, INTERAL is present in this country with its sales and implementation office.

Furthermore, INTERAL has also developed partnerships with companies in Ontario, France and Senegal.

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