MRP traceability

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These days, customers have the right to expect a certain level of quality. This has led to many new standards such as ISO and HACCP.

These systems often require the complete traceability of components used in production, as well as recall lists in case of defects in the finished product.

In order to meet these requirements, INTERAL offers a system that keeps track of the batches produced and their components. The system allows you to track the complete production history of each batch produced on a production order.

It is then simple to see the list of batches that were used in producing the batch. Thanks to its search structure by tree-view and its list of anchor points, the batch consulting interface allows you to see all the batches that relate to the same product, showing you, one at a time, the chain of batches used in the production process.

Quality management

Quality control has become an integrated part of the production process. It has become a standard element in good manufacturing practices, as important as production operations.

Our software includes solutions used to ensure the production and delivery of high quality products and processes across the supply chain.

Rising complexities of today’s markets are nothing new to Interal that implemented the production module of it’s CMMS in various food, health and production related industries.

The real-time capture of data enables you to monitor and analyze quality data to allow you to easily manage quality. Now you can meet or exceed the business and technical requirements of any global manufacturing company.

With the checklists and measuring tools, you can even input data during the production process and verify the product’s properties in real time.

  • Specify the type of data to input (text or numerical)
  • Define the nature and number of parameters to collect
  • For text data, you can even make up a multiple-choice list

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