Traceability Software for Manufacturing Companies

Do you know what traceability software for manufacturing companies is ? It is a powerful tool for any company that has to manage a large number of product lots (batches, components).

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Traceability Management

Do you know what traceability software for manufacturing companies is ? It is a powerful tool for any company that has to manage a large number of product lots (batches, components).

Nowadays, quality control is an integral part of our customers’ expectations. This awareness has also given rise to various standards such as ISO or HACCP. Such systems often require complete traceability of the components used during production, as well as the presence of recall lists in case of failure of finished products (product integrity).

Implementing a logistics traceability management software is therefore the ideal tool to maintain ultimate control over everything related to your production batches. Discover now all there is to know about our traceability management software.

Drastically Improve Your Productivity Through Our Traceability Software

In order to meet the requirements of ISO and HACCP, Interal provides its clients with a system that registers product batches and their components. The system enables companies to record the complete production history of each batch based on a production order.

With our traceability software, it is simple to see the list of components that have gone into the production of each batch as well as keeping inventory control and product traceability.

Our traceability software uses an arborescent search structure with dynamic anchor points. The consultation interface has a list of anchor points that allows the user to see all the batches linked to other batches of the same product by evolving, one link at a time, along the chain of batches used throughout the entire production.

Find out all the advantages to traceability management with our software.

Quality Management

Quality control has become an integral part of the production process. It has become a standard element of industry best practices, considered equally important as production processes and manufacturing processes.

The ever-growing complexity of markets today is nothing new for Interal, and we have implemented production management software modules in a variety of food companies and food manufacturers, health, and manufacturing industries. Learn more about why to use a CMMS System.

Real-time visibility gives you access quickly to the information and it allows you to monitor and analyze data. It enables you to control the product quality more easily. From there, you can meet or even exceed the commercial or technical requirements of any world level manufacturing company.

Production and Delivery

Our software provides the highest quality solutions to ensure the manufacture and delivery of products and processes throughout the supply chain. Thanks to our traceability software for manufacturing companies, you will also reduce the risk of loss and human error, and improve the efficiency of your teams. This will allow you to make more orders, make more profitable deliveries over the short and long term and reduce your costs.

Checklists to Simplify Your Processes During Production

Your operations team already has a large number of responsibilities. We can simplify their workload through the use of checklists and measurement tools. Your supervisors will even be able to input data during the production process and validate it in real time the characteristics of your products.

  • Specification of the type of data to be entered (textual or numerical);
  • Input the nature and number of parameters to be collected;
  • For textual data type, it is possible to designate a list of choices.

Increase Your Productivity With the Use of Our Traceability Software

Irrespective of the type of company or processes to manage, there is everything to gain from well-orchestrated logistics management. This holds true for companies and factories that need to deal with a large number of batches and their components.

The automation of your traceability software management is a good way to improve the efficiency of your processes. It also allows your teams to focus on where they can have a better impact.

When everything is automated, the role of your employees changes to that of a supervisor and they intervene only when necessary. They will therefore have more time to devote to other tasks that will allow you to achieve your business objectives. With the help of a traceability tool, you can make the work of your management employees and your production expenses more profitable.

MRP Software

Why Choose Traceability Software for Manufacturing by Conception Interal  ?

Conception Interal boasts years of experience in the design and integration of management software. We specialized in:

Our team is therefore highly qualified to integrate systems to your production chain that will help your company improve its overall efficiency.

We offer a number of software and tools that allow companies to improve their output while reducing their carbon footprint. Our mission is to build a strong relationship with our clients, based on the trust and efficiency of our software.

Regardless of the sector your company is in, our software will meet your needs. Our software is designed to simplify any tasks for all members of the logistics staff. Thus, it is ideal for:

  • Manufacturing Companies;
  • Food Production Sectors;
  • Hospitals;
  • Municipalities;
  • Renewable Energy Providers;
  • And Several Sectors of Activity.

If you are looking for a high-quality traceability software system for manufacturing companies, you can trust Conception Interal for a complete solution.

For any questions and queries on our traceability software or other traceability solutions, contact us. One of our experts at Interal will take the time to answer all your questions. It is with great pleasure and eagerness that we provide our expertise to companies of every sector.


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