CMMS Maintenance Planner on a phone, to enhance maintenance management

CMMS Mobility

Kompanion! Mobile Maintenance Application for iOS & Android.


Mobile Maintenance Application for iOS & Android

The Kompanion! mobile application has been designed to assist and make life easier for your (maintenance) employees executing maintenance work; in your warehouse, on your equipment, in your production facility, on your infrastructure and on any other asset of your company that require maintenance.

Specifically designed for your maintenance crew, this mobile maintenance App is reliable and easy to use.

It offers access to: Work orders, Equipment files, Inventory, Employee information, Client information and much more

Some of the features include:

  • Creation of work orders and service calls on equipment
  • Editing work orders
  • Add worked hours;
  • Approve time-sheet,
  • Quick data input
  • Add geo location information;
  • Add pictures to equipment, employee files, work orders, and part files;
    and much more.


CMMS Maintenance Management Software


INTERAL Maintenance is a world class high-performance and user-friendly computerized maintenance manager (What is a CMMS), with a superior user interface.

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A maintenance dashboard is an essential tool for anyone who wants to see all the data that helps them make informed decisions or act quickly when they detect a situation requiring rapid intervention. Efficiently display your work information.

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Interal CMMS statitics

Work Orders

Work Order Management Software

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CMMS Maintenance Planner on a phone, to enhance maintenance management


INTERAL Maintenance is equipped with a user-friendly tool that allows the user to have a complete overview of maintenance work, including preventive and corrective work orders as well as service calls.

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Information, navigation, maintenance, and safety.

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A highly effective way to gather the requests of any person who is committed to the proper functioning of the company and which simultaneously allows the applicant to see how its requests were treated!

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Predictive Maintenance System Software

Looking for management software that can provide predictive maintenance? Interal Maintenance is the maintenance management software you need.

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Preventive maintenance system software

Preventive maintenance is crucial to ensuring business continuity and the proper functioning of companies.

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Corrective maintenance software

INTERAL maintenance is a powerful and user-friendly computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). Our world-class software has a user interface that is simple to use and of superior quality.

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