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Requests! for Interal CMMS

Work Requests

A highly effective way to gather the requests of any person who is committed to the proper functioning of the company and which simultaneously allows the applicant to see how its requests were treated! Work requests are simplified versions of work orders that can be created quickly when workers notice work that needs to be done.

Quick and easy navigation entry, work orders module allows any person concerned, demand for the execution / verification work, follow the steps for intervention and thus intervene if necessary.

The web portal, always available without any installation on workstations, can also be used to intervene even if it is outside of the company

Work requests need to be approved before they are transformed into work orders.
These can also be submitted by users on INTERAL’s optional web work request module via a web browser (Internet or Intranet). This allows users who don’t have access to the application to create work requests anywhere they have access to the Internet/Intranet.

  • Ideal to minimize backlog
  • Helps keep control of work orders

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