Supplier Orders

INTERAL Procurement allows you to completely manage all information associated to your suppliers.

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Supplier management

INTERAL Procurement allows you to completely manage all information associated to your suppliers.

Supplier databases with poor quality data are a well-known problem. Almost every supplier file contains duplicate, incomplete or inaccurate information. Besides that, a lot of companies use several databases rather than just one with supplier information.

By consolidating all the supply chain information in one supplier file, Interal Procurement will help you manage all your suppliers in the same place. The supplier file contains all related supply chain and contact information in one elaborate and complete supplier file.

Main contact information,add multiple contacts within the company, preferred language, applicable taxes, automatic sending of bid requests and purchase orders, invoicing information, delivery info, accounting information (payment terms, transport etc), related equipment supplied by the supplier, supplier purchase history, purchasing statistics, add notes etc. You can even attach files (such as contracts, manuals etc)

Purchase orders and quotations

Purchase Orders

A PO (purchase order) is an official document issued by a buyer to a seller. Within it, parts/products, quantities and prices for parts, products or services are defined.

It’s main objective is to control the purchasing of parts, products or services from various external suppliers.

With the acceptance of a purchase order by the seller a contract is formed between the buyer and the seller. No contract exists until the purchase order is accepted.

INTERAL Procurement allows you to quickly and efficiently manage purchase orders sent to suppliers. INTERAL Procurement reduces substantially the amount of data input by completing the part and supplier information directly from their respective files.

INTERAL Procurement purchase orders include most of the necessary information for the supplier as well as for internal procedures for order receipts.

Quotation Requests

A quotation request (RFQ) is a standard business process to invite suppliers to bid on supplying specific parts, products or services. An RFQ (Request For Quotation) is also known as an IFB (Invitation For Bid) or Call for Tenders.

Usually an RFQ contains more than just the price per item. It typically includes the payment terms, the quality, contract length, quantities etc.

To make sure that all suppliers have the same bidding conditions it always includes the (technical) specifications required of the items/services that need to be quoted/supplied. The more detailed the specifications, the more accurate the quote will be. Another reason for having detailed bidding information on a Quotation Request is that the information can be used as legally binding for the suppliers.

RFQs are the most fitted quotations for parts, products and services that are as standardised as possible. This makes each quotation request comparable.

A quotation request (RFQ) allows different suppliers to provide a quotation. The best quotation suitable to the requestor, will be the one selected of course. This increases competitive bidding, since suppliers can be almost certain that they are not the only ones bidding.

INTERAL Procurement simplifies this step by offering a functionality that does most of the work automatically.


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