The manufacturing industry has been experiencing many changes. The Asian industry reality and the growing number of competitors force manufacturers to find innovative business solutions which will allow them to be competitive and increase the quality of their products.

Manufacturing industry

What the manufacturing industry is looking for:

  • A complete but simple solution
  • A computerized management solution that gives results
  • A return on investment within 12 months

What the manufacturing industry doesn’t want:

  • A complicated software thought up and made by computer specialists
  • The obligation to change and adapt their methods with no added value
  • A big project that keeps growing

The solution

A generic solution?

We don’t think so. You don’t manage your business in a generic way. Each project is adapted according to the realities of the industry. INTERAL’s modular approach is a flexible solution which adapts to real manufacturing industry needs. Moreover, you may choose from our 7 modules to build your solution:

We offer many modules for more flexibility, but also to avoid big useless projects. This way, your company benefits from a solution that adapts to your needs and not the other way around.

Implementation and customers

Whether your needs are specific for maintenance or more global to control your production, the implementation must suit the realities of the manufacturing industry.
Communicate with us to request a list of references in the manufacturing industry.


Our other industries


Canada’s aerospace industry is solid and constantly evolving with a long history of innovation and success throughout the world.

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Food Industry

Food and food-processing businesses are subject to strict control procedures, for example HACCP or severe programs such as PASA of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or C-TPAT if you export to the United-States.

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INTERAL Maintenance is an ideal choice for maintaining and systematically monitoring buildings and medical equipment in health and social services.

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The municipal sector has the particularity of having multiple needs in terms of assets to maintain.

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Primary Industries

This industry is a very important one. It groups many kinds of businesses that specialize in felling, sawing, transformation and manufacturing.

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Property Maintenance

Maintaining a property, be it commercial or residential, requires skills and organization. Nowadays, it requires a touch of technology too.

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