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Equipment and Safety

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Equipment Information

Equipment files are the basis of INTERAL Maintenance. They represent your equipment, and contain all of its important information: serial numbers, end of warranty, location, parts, components, etc. It’s also where the preventive maintenance program is set up.

Graphical navigation

INTERAL Maintenance also has an interesting view of equipement with its graphical navigator that lets you find equipment visually.

Track your maintenance

Components let you track maintenance of parts such as motors, pumps, gear boxes, etc., even once they’ve been transferred from one piece of equipment to another. And component files are entirely customizable so they contain the information you really need (RPM, voltage, HP, model, make, serial #, etc.) depending on the type of component. Securely work on your equipment by putting Lock-out procedures in place and make sure all sources of energy are mentioned.

Display your equipment information

What’s interesting in INTERAL Maintenance is that there are many ways to access and display your equipment information depending on your needs.

First, there is the simple list, that can be filtered to quickly display exactly what you’re looking for.
Equipment is also displayed conveniently in the plant tree-view, classified by location. From here, you can create new work orders and work requests, ans access statistics and planning tools.

Health and safety

Health and Safety

All the necessary tools for health and safety are included into our maintenance software to ensure workers’ safety.

Our maintenance software integrates dynamic lockout procedures that bring not only energy sources attached to the equipment, but also those of neighboring equipment that could put the safety of workers involved in danger. Tools that facilitate the application of safety procedures are available directly in the INTERAL Software Maintenance application.

Lockout Procedures

INTERAL CMMS Maintenance places great importance on the safety of workers during maintenance operations.
Our maintenance software incorporates dynamic lockout procedures that bring together not only the energy sources attached to the equipment, but also those of nearby equipment that could put worker safety at risk.
These procedures contain all the information necessary to secure the equipment and will be automatically attached to both preventive and corrective work orders. The safety of workers is guaranteed by a strict approval procedure for lockout cards. In the event of modification of equipment or even of an energy source, by modifying the procedure of lockout of the equipment, those of the linked equipment will be automatically disapproved, waiting to be validated.

History of disapproval lockout procedures

All lockout procedure disapprovals are stored in the database and their history can be consulted at any time.

Worker safety is the number one priority in business. Therefore INTERAL Maintenance stores historic changes that have been made to the lockout sheets, over time. Well structured files and strict monitoring is the key to working safely.

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