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Preventive Maintenance system software

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Preventive maintenance is crucial to ensuring business continuity and the proper functioning of companies.

At INTERAL, we understand the challenges facing companies that have a great deal of assets, inventory, or staff to manage. That’s why our experts in the development of high-performance management software have designed INTERAL Maintenance.

INTERAL Maintenance is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) recognized for its performance and user-friendliness. Our world-class software offers an easy-to-use user interface of unparalleled quality.

Besides its performance, our software is designed to adapt to the needs of different work ergonomics. From manufacturing environments to municipalities, as well as the energy sector, INTERAL Maintenance is a valuable support. Thanks to our software, managers can easily monitor financial implications in real time in addition to having access to fast support.

Our software is also used in the implementation of a preventive maintenance program. These maintenance tasks and the inspections carried out by the software therefore help ensure uninterrupted operation.

Learn more about our computerized maintenance management software. Find out why it is a powerful tool to facilitate the work of any good modern manager.

Computerized maintenance management software: preventive maintenance

What is the purpose of preventive maintenance? A company’s assets are the basis of its performance and profitability. Preventive maintenance operations help reduce the risk of problems that could affect the company’s productivity and performance.

By using INTERAL Maintenance, you are outfitting your company with an effective maintenance management tool. Our software can monitor maintenance tasks and inspection routes that ensure the real-time, sustainable, and uninterrupted functioning of your production operations.

INTERAL Maintenance is designed to simplify the work of administrators and your management staff. Our team also understands that the work of your administrators isn’t limited to using software. That’s why INTERAL Maintenance is efficient and easy to use and integrates into your existing ERP solutions. Our mission is to simplify the task of your management staff to make their work as efficient and pleasant as possible, but also to improve the working conditions and safety of your production staff.

Furthermore, here are some undeniable advantages of our CMMS software for today’s businesses:

  • Easy-to-use dashboards tailored to each user;
  • Fast and precise analysis of the maintenance status;
  • Customizable visual reports tailored to the reality of your business;
  • Available online as well as on iOS and Android;
  • The ability to make support requests and receive real-time follow-up from the technicians.

For management software that can carry out preventive maintenance operations, trust INTERAL Maintenance.

Why trust Interal with your maintenance?

INTERAL is a company specializing in the design and integration of computerized maintenance management software. We have many years of experience and have acquired extensive knowledge of the management field. Our software is therefore a valuable asset for any company that has to manage production, inventory and procurement, or staff.

Our developers of computerized maintenance management software are proud to provide their expertise to businesses. Our mission is to develop work tools that improve the performance of companies while reducing their environmental footprint. We are proud to build strong relationships with our clients thanks to our efficient management software. Our preventive maintenance software for manufacturing is efficient for a vrious type of industry such as healthcare or food industry.

In addition, our software is tailored to meet the needs of various fields. Here are some of the sectors where INTERAL Maintenance has proven its effectiveness: 

  • Manufacturing companies;
  • Hospitals;
  • Commercial office buildings;
  • Municipalities;
  • Primary industries;
  • Renewable energy companies.

Our software helps simplify the task of management employees, regardless of the field of business.

If you have any questions about our software or preventive maintenance operations, contact us. An experienced member of our team will be pleased to take your call.

If you have any questions about our CMMS software, contact us. We will be pleased to take your call and answer all your questions.

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