Predictive Maintenance Dashboards

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Configurable Predictive Maintenance Dashboards

Monitor showing Predictive Maintenance dashboards and production monitoring


INTERAL includes a number of dashboards that allow the user to have a quick overview of the maintenance situation. Interal Maintenance offers a dashboard specific to each user of the software. A personalized dashboard by the person who wants to quickly find important information in his daily life.

A maintenance dashboard is an essential tool for anyone who wants to see all the data that helps them make informed decisions or act quickly when they detect a situation requiring rapid intervention. Efficiently display your work information

For example, the software lists the number of work orders that are destined to a specific user that have not been read yet. By clicking on this link, a window will display the specific work orders. It is also possible to customize these dashboards to obtain only pertinent information for each user. Or you can create a more simple version. Create and save it just the way you like it. Create a dashboard that is most efficient for you.

Print Screen of a Predictive Maintenance dashboards and production monitoring

Vital information at your finger tips

A dashboard is a vital tool for anyone wishing to have before all the data that help make informed decisions or act quickly when it detects a situation that requires rapid intervention.

Visualize instantly the information that concerns you by customizing the dashboard in order to see the essential data only to your work. Make informed and quick decisions with access to information that you consider for your daily management. With one mouse click, Interal presents to each user the most common windows in a single table instead of having to go one by one, embellishing your software experience!


CMMS Maintenance Statistics

Maintenance software that offers a large selection of indicators and statistics.

Print Screen of a Predictive Maintenance dashboards and production monitoring
Print screen of a Predictive Maintenance dashboards and production monitoring

They are divided into groups

Technical: Number of interventions, unavailability, MTBF, etc.

Time management: Estimated vs. actual time worked for corrective/preventive maintenance, etc.

Financial: Many types of maintenance costs for preventive as well as corrective maintenance

Management of work orders: Number of work orders issued, closed, in progress, etc.

It is also possible to get statistics, and export them, from other parts of the software, like sales and purchases.

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