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Time and Attendance

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Time and Attendance Management

Our module to manage time and attendance provides flexibility for personnel management and planning: activities, crafts, load planning, costs, wages, vacation, forecast, pointing hours, etc. Uses collecting data in real time, depending on your needs.

Flexible time management

Interal offers a quick and effective management through treatment with exceptions allowing better control of time and attendance and lower costs related to absenteeism. Indeed, through the creation of Advanced schedules and using predetermined periods through, the software is able to validate each entry / exit of employees to update each of disparities according to established conventions. The data can be entered via a computer or via data collection stations located at the most appropriate locations. The use of bar codes and RFID tags allows a significant reduction of data entry errors and simplifies the daily operations of your employees.

Multiple work schedules

The flexible configuration of multiple work schedules offered Interal allows to reflect the realities of your business. The allocation of work schedules can be made for individual employees or work team to facilitate the changes. Preauthorized overtime, bonuses evening and night, authorized absences and holidays are among the parameters that can be set in advance to facilitate the management of payroll and accelerate the accounting treatment.

Payroll Integration

The electronic data transfer (optional) on time rates and premiums/bonuses/overtime saves considerable time on human resources departments and accounting while providing a transcript without treatment that could sometimes introduce costly mistakes. Interal offers the necessary tools, along with your payroll system and services from your bank, a complete computerized management system, processing time and attendance of your employees from the employee card to the payroll deposit in his bank account!

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