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Municipalities management

The municipal sector has the particularity of having multiple needs in terms of assets to maintain. There are especially:

  • Buildings;
  • Fleet management;
  • Linear assets;
  • Fixed equipment connected to buildings;
  • Fixed equipment related to linear assets.
  • Production equipment (wastewater treatment, pumping, filtration of drinking water…)

Also, beyond the elements to keep in good working order, municipalities must respond to requests from their employees and their citizens and users. The applications are therefore diversified, but the applicants’ expectations are equally varied.

Over the years, Interal has developed the tools to meet the needs of municipalities and today, Interal’s CMMS is well established in many of them. Whether it is for managing the maintenance of municipal workshops, parks, filtration plants, fire engines and more, Interal offers many possibilities to meet the different needs. Whether with the web application or mobile Requests! which allows people to make requests to correct situations, Kompanion!, the tool of excellence for technicians to geolocate and manage and document their interventions, the application “Console” which includes all the functions that are requested to a CMMS or any other option offered by Interal Maintenance and Supply, everyone involved at every level has access to a tool that corresponds exactly to their daily life.

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