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Product management

Quickly and easily manage your product in terms of production.

  • Regrouping products by categories and sub-categories
  • Multi-level management of products and sub-products
  • Management of profit margins and direct cost price of products
  • Management of the models/colors as well as usage units and equivalent products
  • Storage management (where, when and how)
  • Production planning according to demand or a director plan
  • Management by name and by property (you can choose a model for a product and manage, for example, the color as a property, which will limit the number of distinctive products to manage)
  • Production history and statistics

Recipe management

Easy management of recipes and production methods will allow you to produce efficiently and without delay.

  • Multi-recipe management for different production modes
  • Capability of copying a product recipe to quickly and easily create similar products
  • Calculation of production time, including preparation time as well as cost of raw materials
  • Quality control management and check lists
  • Specification of required components allowing precise WIP management
  • Recipe management combining the production range (operation sequence) with the bill of materials (BOM)

Quality control

Associated to good manufacturing processes, quality control will allow you to measure the quality of your production for the critical operations. You are able to input data during your production process and validate in real-time the properties of your products.

  • Specify the type of data entry (text or numerical)
  • Specify the type and quantity of parameters to collect
  • For text data, you can define a multiple-choice list

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