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Inventory Procurement

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Procurement and inventory

Interal Procurement is a flexible, powerful and easy to use management tool to manage your inventory and purchasing.

With technology and the great flexibility of “Interal Bridge” Interal Procurement can be connected to virtually all accounting systems. It’s multi-plant, supports multi-location (factory / locations) and allows you to manage requisitions, purchase orders, approval of structures, the minimum and maximum storage and replenishment quantities, suppliers and manufacturers and expense accounts purchased by mail.

Interal Supply includes effective tools to:

  • create purchase orders or requisitions directly from a workorder or work request, which can be approved immediately by the Manager or through a tiered approval system;
  • control prices through a price paid claims management system with your suppliers;
  • receive parts or products simply and directly from the purchase order, or using effective management tools for barcodes;
  • manage inventory, create unloading documents, create and manage suppliers and manufacturers items and automatically place parts available in several warehouses if needed;
  • view required to come in a multidimensional array that reflects all corporate settings and future needs;
  • healthily and efficiently manage all the other factors that make a company achieve high marks on factors based on different parameters of the maintenance function.

The supply chain software is also available when you use our hosting services!

Inventory control

Inventory management is done easily in Interal. Everything has been designed to facilitate the work of stakeholders, while obtaining a complete system for monitoring transactions and accounting cost that takes into account any movement of inventory!

We have thought of all features. Here’s a few of them:

  • Physical inventory by location, with useful inventory counting reports
  • Possibility of changing unit price values and expense accounts while inputting inventory numbers
  • The Physical inventory adjustment function lets users adjust values for a small number of parts without having to perform a complete inventory count.
  • Detailed inventory value reports
  • Fiscal period closures associated to the inventory
  • and plenty of other functions …

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