Corrective maintenance software

Are you looking for the ideal software to quickly perform corrective maintenance operations?

INTERAL maintenance is a powerful and user-friendly computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). Our world-class software has a user interface that is simple to use and of superior quality.

Designed by our experts in the development of innovative maintenance management software, INTERAL maintenance meets all the needs of modern managers. Our software also offers many options adapted to different work ergonomics. It will therefore be easy for all managers to follow up on the financial implications in real time, while having access to quick support in case corrective maintenance is required.

Discover now all the advantages of our maintenance software.

Computer-aided maintenance management software: corrective maintenance

Regardless of the type of business, assets are the very basis of performance and profitability. When a problem occurs, it is important to have the right tools at hand to correct the situation quickly. This is exactly what Interal offers you with its computer-aided maintenance management software. The corrective maintenance of our software allows us to ensure the repair of defective equipment by taking into account criteria such as the criticality of the equipment, the priority of the work, the availability of manpower and many other factors to ensure the durability of the assets, the durability and the uninterrupted operation of the assets.

Corrective maintenance encompasses two solutions:

  • Corrective curative maintenance which aims to provide a long-term solution to restore the initial operation of an equipment.
  • The palliative corrective maintenance which aims to bring a temporary solution to maintain the required function of the equipment and thus of the production line.

Reliable corrective maintenance software

In addition, our software is designed to lighten the workload of administrators and technicians. We understand the reality of modern businesses and organizations. Our experts in management software design fully realize that the work of management personnel is not limited to the use of software.

This is why we offer you high-performance software that aims to simplify the work of your management personnel. Our mission is to make the work of administrators as efficient and pleasant as possible.

Here are some of the advantages of our corrective maintenance tool:

  • The ability to create a query easily and quickly from your fingertips ;
  • An easier way to get there thanks to our representative icons;
  • A real-time follow-up of your request or service call with feedback from your technicians;
  • Availability of our software on the web as well as on Android or iOS mobile devices;

For efficient, fast and easy-to-use corrective maintenance, trust our computer-aided maintenance management software.


Why entrust your corrective maintenance to Conception Interal?

Our company has several years of experience in the design and integration of management software. We specialize in maintenance and production management, inventory and supply management, and employee management tools. We therefore have the necessary qualifications to meet your corrective maintenance needs.
As a high-performance maintenance management software company, we are proud to share our passion. Our mission is to develop maintenance management tools that promote the productivity of companies while reducing their environmental footprint. We are proud to build strong relationships with our customers based on the trust and efficiency of our software. Our team of experts in computer-aided management software development is proud to share its expertise with you.

In addition, we design our software to meet the needs of a variety of environments. Whether you are behind a manufacturing company, a hospital or commercial office buildings, a municipality, a primary industry or a renewable energy company, our software is ideal to simplify the task of your management employees.

For all questions about our CMMS software, contact us. We will gladly take your call and answer all your questions.


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