CMMS Maintenance Management Software

INTERAL Maintenance is a world class high-performance and user-friendly computerized maintenance manager (What is a CMMS), with a superior user interface.

What is a CMMS?

CMMS stands for computerized maintenance management system. It is software that automates preventive maintenance scheduling and helps to streamline procedures, enabling optimized workflows.

A CMMS software is used by technicians to plan and manage facility maintenance, as well as constantly improving company operations. It provides extended equipment life, cost reductions, and enhances the reliability and productivity of assets, for efficient maintenance.

Features of our CMMS

Developed by Interal, CMMS is the future of maintenance for your company, meets the needs of today’s managers, and can be adapted to your business goals. In order to suit your needs, as a maintenance manager, it can be implemented to help with the following:

  • Schedule preventive maintenance procedures and preventive maintenance tasks (Preventive Maintenance Program)
  • Run your routine maintenance activities
  • Respond effectively to service requests at all levels
  • Document and ensure compliance
  • Eliminate paper through digitalization
  • Optimize inventory management
  • Give a global view of the health of your assets
  • Identify the onset of problems
  • Improve safety (compliance with safety regulations and safety standards, worker safety by documenting maintenance tasks with every work order, etc.)

Interal Maintenance solution

Interal CMMS stores data centrally, to be accessed using connected devices. As a consequence, your maintenance teams can instantly view asset repair histories, efficiently resolving any issue that arises.
Developed by Interal, the CMMS (Maintenance Management Software) meets the needs of today’s managers and offers many options to comply with various requirements imposed by the different ergonomics of work:

  • For the user: the accuracy and consistency of information on equipment maintenance operations, buildings, vehicles and control instruments will be of great help.
  • For the technician: tools both of great simplicity and adapted to the ergonomics of work, allow him to document his work easily.
  • For the manager: the monitoring of financial implications of repairs, and this throughout the year, will prove valuable insights turned into a valuable asset. Be it a building, a mine, a factory or processing plant, the assets of the company are the basis of the performance and profitability and needs to be maintained on a constant basis to ensure long term durability and smooth operation without unexpected breakdowns or stoppages.

Interal understands the reality of companies and other organizations, realizing fully that the stakeholders work is not limited to the use of this software. That is why we put all our efforts to provide our software Interal Maintenance with the most powerful features to simplify the work of administrators and technicians, to make their work more efficient and enjoyable.

Now, let’s discover everything there is to know about our computerized maintenance management system. Get Interal Maintenance CMMS Software now!


How does a CMMS work and what can you use it for?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) serves as an advanced tool to optimize maintenance processes, by managing work orders, scheduling tasks, and tracking maintenance KPIs. Through integrations with various sensors and tools, it continuously monitors machine conditions, facilitating condition-based maintenance.

Additionally, our CMMS integrates seamlessly with ERP systems, enhancing coordination between maintenance, inventory, and purchasing operations across an organization. This connectivity not only streamlines workflows but also provides critical data supporting compliance and decision-making in sectors with stringent regulations.

The information in the CMMS database supports various system functions. This allows you to be more efficient on operational visibility, improves maintenance outcomes, and supports better asset management across various teams.

Resource and employee management

You can track your employees and equipment certifications. Assemble work teams to perform targeted tasks. Organizing employee schedules and payrolls.

Asset registry

Keep track of, access, and exchange information about your individual assets, such as:

  • Equipment class and type, as well as the manufacturer, model, and serial number
  • Costs and tags associated with it
  • Performance and downtime statistics by location and place
  • Repair instructions, safety instructions, and warranties are among the associated documents, video, and photos
  • Meters, sensors, and Internet of Things (IoT) equipment availability, using artificial intelligence

Management of work orders

Work order management, which is commonly regarded as the CMMS’s major purpose, comprises data such as:

  • Number of the work order
  • Priority and description
  • Type of order (repair, replace, scheduled)
  • Codes for cause and effect
  • Assignment of personnel and supplies

Work order management also includes the following features:

  • Automate the creation of work orders.
  • Materials and equipment reservation
  • Employees, crews, and shifts work assignment
  • Examine the situation and keep track of any downtime.
  • Keep track of both projected and actual maintenance costs.
  • Documentation, repair, and safety media all attached.

Materials and inventory management

Maintenance and repair operation (MRO) equipment and materials are inventoried, distributed, and reclaimed among storage locations, distribution centers, and facilities. Manage suppliers, inventory costs, inventory levels and restock automation.

Reporting, analysis and auditing

Produce reports on a variety of maintenance topics, including asset availability, material usage, labour and material expenditures, supplier evaluations, and more. Gather and organise real-time data for audits and analyse data to understand asset availability, performance trends, MRO inventory optimization, and other information to support business choices.

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Automate work order creation based on time, consumption, or triggered events with a predictive maintenance system software. Organize and associate assets across various orders by using preventative maintenance. Preventive work orders should be scheduled and sequenced with a Preventive Maintenance Program.

Who can benefit from a CMMS?

Virtually any company or organization will benefit from the application of CMMS to their workflow. But ultimately, what will make or break a maintenance system are its users, so Interal designs its software with them in mind:

  • For the user, consistent and accurate information on equipment, buildings, vehicles and control instruments will be vital..
  • For the maintenance technician, our tools are simple to use and adapted to the ergonomics of any type of workflow. This enables easier reporting and documenting of asset maintenance.
  • For the manager, CMMS offers transparent monitoring of repairs and the unplanned downtime caused by failures. Indeed, the financial implications of these procedures need to be controlled. Additionally, it will help calculate the life cycle of every asset held by the company or organization.

Be it a building, a mine, a processing plant or a fleet of vehicles, each asset is the basis of the performance and profitability of your company. Preventive maintenance will ensure long term durability and smooth operation without unexpected breakdowns or stoppages.

What to expect from CMMS implementation?

CMMS clients need to be wary of generic packages that offer the bare bones, ultimately making the service provided very limited in scope.

Conversely, there is the risk of delving into unnecessarily complex systems. Their downside is added maintenance expenses, along with the need for added time to configure and learn all their functions.

Team training is essential when implementing a CMMS that will be properly used by maintenance departments in the long run. Interal can help you! We offer a comprehensive training plan and  professional implementation services to help you get the most out of your CMMS.

Maintenance Management Software Solution from Conception Interal

Easy to use dashboards

  • A rapid and precise analysis of maintenance requests
  • Specific dashboards for all users
  • Visual and personalized maintenance reports for your reality


  • Follow your CMMS planning with real time work updates
  • Easy to use work assignment with drag and drop
  • Visualize everything at once with multiple screens
  • Visual work load balancing
  • Plan for a week, a day or down to the hours for a maximum precision

Kompanion!, the perfect mobile application

  • Reliable and easy to use maintenance App
  • The real “No Paper” maintenance
  • Complete equipment and process documentation
  • A single tool for all technicians
  • Complete work order management from creation to completion
  • Available ONLINE and OFFLINE
  • Choose your device (Android or iOS)

Technicians and requestors access

  • The ideal tool for your employees and clients
  • Request creation in a few clicks
  • Easy request creation with visual icons
  • Real time followup of requests
  • Available as a mobile app on Android, or iOS and as a Web app

Why entrust your CMMS to Conception Interal?

INTERAL is a company specializing in the design of various types of management software. We’re proud to build strong relationships with our clients and to share our passion for management with you. Our mission, therefore, is to keep developing solutions that promote productivity within companies while reducing their environmental footprint.

Besides our computerized maintenance management system, we also offer our clients:

As developers of software and management tools, we work collaboratively with companies in different fields and range of industries. Our software is designed to meet the needs of manufacturing environments, hospitals and commercial office buildings, municipalities, primary industries, and companies in the renewable energy sector.

If you have any questions about CMMS software, don’t hesitate to contact us. An experienced member of our team will be pleased to take your call.

Maintenance Management Software: FAQ

An engineer using cmms maintenance software to optimize workflow.
  • CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) focuses on maintenance records and schedules for asset lifecycle management and optimize work processes.
  • FM (Facility Management software) extends to broader facilities’ needs, including space, occupancy, and environmental management.
  • EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) encompasses the comprehensive management of the physical asset performance of an organization throughout their entire lifecycle, aiming for maximum value extraction and asset health.

While all play pivotal roles in your maintenance process, their wide range of scope differs: CMMS zeroes in on maintenance specifics, FM on facility-wide operations, and EAM on strategic asset performance management across the organization.

Selecting the right maintenance CMMS software involves understanding your facility’s specific needs in regards to maintenance functions. Assess the size and complexity of your operations, your asset reliability, and your team’s technical proficiency. Look for a CMMS that offers scalability, user-friendly interfaces, robust reporting features, and mobile access, such as Interal Maintenance. Integration capabilities with other software and IoT CMMS devices can further enhance efficiency and actionable insights. Last, but not least, consider the cost of ownership.

Yes, integrating a CMMS maintenance management software with other systems, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), IoT devices, and business intelligence tools, can significantly enhance operational efficiency and data accuracy. This synergy allows for real-time asset tracking, advanced analytics for predictive maintenance, and streamlined workflow across departments, offering a holistic approach to maintenance management.

  1. Preventive Maintenance Software: Focuses on scheduled maintenance tasks to prevent equipment failure (maintenance schedule).
  2. Predictive Maintenance Software: Utilizes data and analytics to predict equipment failures before they occur.
  3. Condition-Based Maintenance Software: Monitors the actual condition of asset operations to determine when maintenance operations should be performed.
  4. Corrective Maintenance Software: Manages the repair of assets after a fault has been detected.
  5. Asset Management Software: While not exclusively a maintenance tool, it’s crucial for tracking the performance, condition, and maintenance requirements of assets within a facility.


CMMS Maintenance Management Software


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