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CMMS – Maintenance Planner

Discover our CMMS Maintenance Planner and enhance your maintenance management with an intuitive and efficient solution. Meet your company’s aspirations by boosting productivity and reducing costs. Choose excellence with our innovative tool, tailored to the most demanding maintenance requirements.

CMMS: a key tool for maintenance planners

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) are essential for maintenance planners seeking to optimize their maintenance management. These maintenance systems streamline the entire maintenance process, from scheduling to execution, ensuring that all tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. By leveraging a CMMS, companies can meet their maintenance requirements, reduce downtime, and improve overall productivity.

How can a CMMS help you in maintenance management?

A Computerized Maintenance Management Software can revolutionize how maintenance teams operate. It centralizes all maintenance-related information, making it accessible and manageable from a single platform. This software solution allows for better control over maintenance activities, helping to prevent equipment failures and reduce reactive maintenance. With a CMMS, maintenance departments can efficiently handle work orders, track asset life cycles, and maintain optimal inventory levels. With our CMMS, maintenance planners can define priorities, set task workflows to execute, and better manage the maintenance task backlog.

Benefits of using a CMMS planner

Maintenance planning and maintenance scheduling are significantly enhanced with a CMMS. This tool enables proactive maintenance, ensuring that preventive maintenance tasks are carried out on time. Here are some key benefits:

  • Improved maintenance scheduling: Implement a preventive maintenance plan that aligns with your production schedules, minimizing disruptions and maximizing uptime
  • Enhanced resource allocation: Allocate resources effectively to meet the exigencies of your maintenance activities, ensuring that your maintenance teams are always prepared
  • Increased compliance and safety: Ensure that all maintenance activities comply with industry standards and safety regulations, reducing risks and enhancing workplace safety

Maintenance planning

A Computerized Maintenance Management Software aids in implementing a preventive maintenance plan tailored to your organization’s specific needs. By scheduling regular inspections and servicing, you can avoid unexpected equipment failures and extend the life cycle of your assets. This proactive approach not only reduces maintenance costs but also enhances the reliability and performance of your equipment.

Maintenance scheduling

Effective maintenance scheduling is crucial for any organization. A CMMS helps streamline this process by automating the scheduling of maintenance tasks based on real-time data and asset conditions and creating preventive maintenance schedules. This ensures that maintenance activities are performed at the right time, reducing downtime and preventing maintenance backlog. With a well-implemented CMMS, your maintenance technicians can focus on high-priority tasks, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

Incorporating a CMMS into your maintenance management tool arsenal offers numerous advantages. From improving maintenance practices to reducing costs and enhancing asset reliability, a CMMS is an invaluable asset for any maintenance planner.

A maintenance planner using a CMMS for maintenance management

Improve Maintenance Planning and Scheduling with a CMMS

Enhancing your maintenance planning and scheduling is pivotal to maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your assets. A Computerized Maintenance Management System offers a comprehensive solution to streamline these processes, providing an intuitive platform that supports various maintenance activities.

Intuitive asset management

Asset management is simplified with a Computerized Maintenance Management Software, allowing for detailed tracking of asset life cycles. This tool provides real-time data on the condition and performance of each asset, enabling maintenance managers to make informed decisions. By utilizing a CMMS, companies can optimize asset utilization, plan maintenance tasks effectively, and ensure that all assets are functioning at their peak performance.

Work order management

Efficient work order management is a cornerstone of effective maintenance management. A CMMS automates the creation, assignment, and tracking of work orders, ensuring that all tasks are completed in a timely manner. This reduces the risk of maintenance backlog and enhances the overall productivity of maintenance staff. By centralizing work order information, a CMMS helps in monitoring progress and addressing issues promptly.

Predictive maintenance

A CMMS also supports predictive maintenance, utilizing data analytics to foresee potential equipment failures before they occur. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and extends the life of assets. With features like the predictive maintenance dashboard of Interal, organizations can monitor key performance indicators and take preventive actions to maintain optimal operation conditions.

Inventory management

Effective inventory management is crucial for maintaining smooth maintenance operations. A CMMS keeps track of inventory levels, ensuring that the necessary parts and materials are available when needed. This prevents delays in maintenance tasks and helps in managing costs by avoiding overstocking or stockouts. Proper inventory management supports efficient resource allocation and reduces the overall maintenance costs.

Automatic maintenance KPIs

Tracking and analyzing maintenance KPIs is essential for continuous improvement. A Computerized Maintenance Management Software provides automatic KPI tracking, offering insights into maintenance performance, efficiency, and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach helps in making strategic decisions and optimizing maintenance processes.

Productivity reports

A CMMS generates detailed performance reports, giving a clear picture of the performance of maintenance technicians and teams. These detailed reports help in identifying bottlenecks, assessing the effectiveness of maintenance strategies, and making necessary adjustments to enhance productivity.


Scheduling is a critical function in maintenance management. A CMMS streamlines this process by automating preventive maintenance scheduling and ensuring that all tasks are carried out on time. This reduces the reliance on reactive maintenance and promotes a more proactive approach to maintenance.

Integrating a Computerized Maintenance Management Software into your maintenance management system offers numerous benefits. From improving maintenance practices to reducing costs and enhancing asset reliability, a CMMS is an invaluable asset for any maintenance planner.

Optimize your maintenance work with Interal’s Maintenance CMMS

INTERAL Maintenance is equipped with a user-friendly tool that allows the user to have a complete overview of maintenance work, including preventive and corrective work orders as well as service calls. The maintenance planning board can be displayed to include only a part of the workload to concentrate on a portion of the plant floor or a particular type of equipment.

Specific icons represent graphically the progress of each maintenance task. Colors are used to distinguish between preventive & corrective maintenance and service calls. The planning board is very easy to use, as well on our mobile maintenance app. It allows you to modify planning by simply dragging and dropping the icons without any other manipulation. The system modifies the information automatically in the database and calculates subsequent dates if necessary. From the planning board, the user has direct access to the equipment file, preventive configuration, and to the corrective work orders. The board becomes a central point in your maintenance management and offers a simple and efficient overview.

Experience the benefits of Interal’s CMMS

Interal’s Maintenance CMMS is designed to transform how organizations manage their maintenance operations. By leveraging advanced technology and a user-friendly interface, our CMMS solution addresses the unique maintenance requirements of various industries. This system not only enhances maintenance management but also ensures that your assets are maintained in optimal condition, thereby reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

With Interal’s Computerized Maintenance Management System, your maintenance personnel can achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity regarding maintenance workflow. Don’t wait – take the first step towards optimizing your maintenance operations and ensuring the longevity of your assets. Interal supports a wide range of industries. Request a demo today and experience the Interal difference.


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