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CMMS Maintenance Planning

INTERAL Maintenance is equipped with a user-friendly tool that allows the user to have a complete overview of maintenance work, including preventive and corrective work orders as well as service calls.

The maintenance planning board can be displayed to include only a part of the workload to concentrate on a portion of the plant floor or a particular type of equipment.
Specific icons represent graphically the progress of each maintenance task. Colors are used to distinguish between preventive & corrective maintenance and service calls. The planning board is very easy to use. It allows you to modify planning by simply dragging and dropping the icons without any other manipulation. The system modifies the information automatically in the database and calculates subsequent dates if necessary. From the planning board, the user has direct access to the equipment file, preventive configuration, and to the corrective work orders. The board becomes a central point in your maintenance management and offers a simple and efficient overview.

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