Production Management Software

Production Management Software

Our production planning tools combined with our expertise make it easy to have a structured product progression throughout the production process and allow managers to calculate precise production costs.

Developed by Interal, the module CMMS Production (ERP/TPM for production) can meet the needs of manufacturers in terms of production management monitoring. This application is designed to manage manufacturing companies’ maintenance simply and visually, in real time.

Interal production offers a scalable modular structure that allows the company to tailor the implementation gradually. It is therefore possible to choose the modules that meet your short term requirements and later add others depending on the changing needs and priorities.

Interal Production offers simultaneous multi-window interface using modern technology, quick access to information by multiple criteria input management tables, a tracking of changes made to user data, convenient annotation blocks in each data sheet .

With over 25 years of experience in the development and implementation of manufacturing management software, Interal offers the manufacturing world proven tools to increase productivity and reduce production costs. It is always the result of our interventions, increased profits in addition to all the intangible benefits that will endure with the use of our software solutions.

Our production planning support tools, paired with our expertise, promote a structured product flow throughout the manufacturing process and provide a calculation of the cost of specific returns. Rationalization of inventories, sound management of warehouse receipts and shipments, a collection of data both in quality control level and progress are points favoring a rapid return on investment ROI.



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