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Material Requirements Planning Software (MRP)

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MRP Software surveilling a robotic assembly arm on a microchip

MRP Software

Are you looking for an MRP software to help you with material requirements planning? Developed by Interal, the Production module (MRP software) helps meet the needs of manufacturers in terms of production management monitoring. This application is designed to manage real-time manufacturing companies in a simple and visual way.

Our tools are designed to simplify the task of production planning. Combined with our expertise, they promote a structured product flow throughout the manufacturing process, which allows for a precise calculation of the cost price. Our software is therefore designed for tasks such as:

  • Inventory Streamlining;
  • Sound Warehouse Management;
  • Reception and Shipments;
  • Data Collection, both in terms of quality control and work progress.

These points promote a fast return on investment.

INTERAL’s team understands the issues surrounding production planning. Our tools are designed to lighten the task of production planning and to offer better quality control. Our production management software is a powerful tool that helps you meet and exceed the expectations of standards such as ISO and HACCP.

Find out everything there is to know about our computer-aided production management software.

MRP Software surveilling an assembly line with robotic arms assembling a car

What exactly is a CMMS software?

The Computerized Management Maintenance System (CMMS) is a program that allows companies from a variety of industries to manage all their activities pertaining to production. This can include product management, invoicing, or any other aspect that is vital to the production cycle.

Based on the calculation of net requirements (CBN / MRP), these software programs are designed to allow you to optimize your production planning. This, in turn, allows you to minimize costs, maximize profits, while respecting your maximum production time.

By using a CMMS software, you will help your production cycle become more fluid and avoid unexpected interruptions. Your production is directly linked to the profitability of your company. Therefore an MRP software would be a great asset.

How does our MRP production management software work?

Conception Interal offers a scalable modular structure that allows the company to adapt the implementation gradually. It is therefore possible to choose different modules that meet your short-term requirements and subsequently add others according to the evolution of your needs and priorities.

The Interface

Conception Interal offers a simultaneous multi-window interface using modern technology. This gives you fast access to the required information thanks to:

  • Multiple-Criterion Input Management Tables;
  • Tracking of the Changes Made to the Data by User;
  • Convenient Annotation Blocks in Each Data Sheet.
MRP Software help monitor and plan material requirements making sure all gear wheels of production line work properly

The Benefits of Our CMMS Software

Our CMMS software has a simple, instinctive-to-use interface, but that is far from being the only benefit.

Along with the user being able to personalize it, our software gives you optimal control on all your production processes. You will thus easily be able to:

  • Inventory Control Management;
  • Coordinate Your Services;
  • Better Real-Time Overview and Have More Room to Maneuver in Case of Unforeseen Events;
  • Centralizing All the Information Required for Your Production in One Place.

Moreover, a Computerized Management Maintenance System software is the ideal tool to maximize the time of your managers and your teams. By automating your processes, you lighten their workload and allow them to concentrate their efforts where they will have a better added value.

Furthermore, because all the technical data needed for the production chain are in one place, it really facilitates communication between your different teams.

Discover more advantages to a CMMS software below.

Improving Resource and Performance Planning

With its 30 years of experience in developing and implementing manufacturing management software, Interal offers the manufacturing world proven tools that make it possible to increase productivity and reduce production costs.

The constant result of our interventions: increased profits, in addition to all the intangible benefits that will last with the use of our IT solutions.

Therefore, our interventions always result in an increase in profitability. Moreover, you will be able to use all the intangible benefits that will last with the use of our IT solutions. Our software is therefore a very advantageous solution in the long term. Especially for companies operating in the manufacturing industry wishing to reach their full potential of efficiency and profitability.

Combined with our expertise, our production planning assistance tools promote a structured product flow throughout the manufacturing process and allow for a precise calculation of the cost price.

Quality Control

One of the main goals of modern companies is reducing production costs and increasing profits. The same can be said for quality assurance. With ISO or HACCP standards that set the rules for quality assurance, it is vital to create good tools for companies.

With our MRP software, you will have access to all the necessary information about the production and components used in the manufacture of your products.

MRP Software can help agrobusiness manufacturing equipment stainless steel

Our MRP software will also enable inventory streamlining, sound warehouse management, reception and shipments, and data collection, both in terms of quality control and the progress of the work, are points that promote a fast return on investment.

These advantages are conducive to a fast return on investment.

Our computer-aided production management software allows you to manage all production-related activities. You can therefore lighten the workload of your management.

With the software, you will be able to do the:

  • Inventory and Purchase Management;
  • Management of Orders;
  • Creation and Management of the Manufacturing Schedule;
  • Management of Products Generated by Orders;
  • Management of Parts and Products Entering the Production Process;
  • Product Shipping;
  • Management of Resources Allowing the Creation of Ranges;
  • Invoicing.

In order to simplify your administrators’ work and maximize their productivity, you can trust Interal.

Why entrust your production management to Interal?

MRP Software monitoring an automated assembly line of a part

Why Entrust Your Production Management to Conception Interal

Interal has over 30 years of experience in the development and implementation of manufacturing management software. We offer the manufacturing world proven tools that make it possible to increase productivity and reduce production costs. Our interventions always result in increased profits. In addition, all the intangible benefits last with the use of our IT solutions.

We are proud to build strong relationships with our clients based on trust and the efficiency of our management software. As developers of high-performance management software, our mission is to continue to develop solutions that promote the performance of companies in addition to reducing their environmental footprint.

Besides our MRP software, we also offer the following software:

Our software is designed to adapt to different work ergonomics. We can therefore meet the needs of industrial companies, hospitals, commercial office buildings, municipalities, primary industries, and companies in the renewable energy sector. Increase your manufacturing efficiency with accurate manufacturing.

If you have any questions about our MRP software, contact us. Our management software experts will be delighted to speak with you and provide you with their expertise. We can help with productivity for businesses, business operations, business performance and more. Our software is adaptable to customer demands.

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