Interal CMMS Maintenance presentation

CMMS Interal Production


Our production management module meets manufacturer's needs in terms of production management. It was developed to manage manufacturing production information simply and visually, and most importantly, in real time. Get quick access to information using multiple selection criteria when opening management boards, data modification tracking by user, and useful notepads in each and every data file. Increase your productivity and reduce production costs throughout the production process and allow managers to calculate precise production costs. Inventory rationalization, efficient warehousing, shipping and reception management, data collection—for quality control and work progress—are elements that result in a quick return on investment.

CMMS Interal Maintenance


Interal Maintenance Management offers all the necessary features you need to simplify maintenance planning for both short- and long-term. Preventive, corrective maintenance and service calls are easily managed with the Maintenance Board. You can also plan your resources with the Maintenance Board. React and adapt quickly to emergencies with our service call module, Provide reliable numbers and statistics related to your maintenance operations and your equipment. The Interal maintenance software (GMAO / CMMS) has been a benchmark for many years in different areas of work. Used together with the production module, inventory and time clock, it’s the ideal tool for good governance of operations.

CMMS Interal procurement


Our user-friendly and yet powerful management tool to manage your inventory and streamline your purchases. By using our custom made integration solutions it will be compatible with most important accounting systems such as: Acomba, Accpac, Syteline, Oracle, Globetek, Great Plains and many more... It is multi-store, multi-server (LAN, WAN) and allows you to manage requisitions, purchase orders, approval structures, minimum and maximum stocking and restocking quantities, suppliers and manufacturers as well as expense accounts by item purchased.

CMMS Interal Time and Attendance


Time and Attendance offers great flexibility for real-time data collection. Data input can take place using a computer, data collection stations (bar code and touch-pad/card scanners) or using mobile devices (iPad and iPhone). Manage your employees quick and efficiently with a better control of time and attendance and at the same time reducing the costs related to absenteeism. Managing your payroll using our quick, easy and flexible user interface has never been easier. We also offer the possibility to integrate our time and attendance module with your payroll system.


"When we adopted a reliability-based maintenance approach in 2005, at that time we were to use two software applications, one of which was INTERAL. Today, we have been able to save thousands of dollars uniquely because of INTERAL’s evolution, which has enabled us to integrate all of the maintenance functions and applications, such as our conditional, preventive and corrective maintenance programs, and improvements, with a software application that’s very user-friendly which allows our employees to learn easily and stay efficient, and with applications that allow us to optimize our spare parts inventory by more than 30%".

-  Michel Fortin, maintenance and reliability manager at the Allan Candy Company