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Maintenance - Rely on your assets CMMS / EAM

Whether your assets are in real-estate, production or transportation, sound management always pays off!

Procurement - Control your inventory

The right parts, available when you need them: the starting point to efficient inventory management.

Satisfied Clients

Our Clients

With almost 20 years of experience, INTERAL offers solutions that result in efficient maintenance, procurement, inventory and production management. These solutions were developed in collaboration with maintenance and production specialists in different fields.

We offer businesses a complete range of products and services designed to meet the demands of many activity sectors, mainly in computerized production management (CPMS), maintenance management (CMMS maintenance software, plant maintenance, maintenance planning, preventive maintenance), inventory/procurement (inventory software for inventory control), data acquisition (barcode, radiofrequency [RF]), purchase software and much more.

INTERAL Maintenance is an extremely powerful yet user-friendly computerized maintenance management software. It meets the needs of today's businesses and is used in many activity fields. The CMMS is in constant evolution, and modern tools allowing a good maintenance management must also evolve, not only to follow the rhythm of workers involved, but also to offer innovative solutions that follow long-term trends.

Maintenance Software

INTERAL Maintenance is a tool that encourages sound corrective and preventive maintenance management while giving administrators the necessary tools to obtain statistics essential for complete maintenance management. This maintenance software meets the needs of every business, from the SME to large companies. Specialized functions such as lockout procedures and calibration make us even more versatile.

We also offer professional training and implementation services adapted to your business. Our CMMS experts can guide you when implementing your software and can offer a follow-up that will accelerate your return on investment.

Procurement Software

Management of spare parts and raw materials must include information on the procurement process, supplier accounts, inventory and optimum level of parts kept on-hand.

INTERAL Procurement has proven itself over the years in many activity sectors (manufacturers, transportation, commercial and rental buildings, mines, health and social services, and much more). It offers powerful functions to automate requisition procedures, simplify calls for tenders, manage inventory movements, and other responsibilities related to inventory and purchasing management.

Combined with maintenance functions, INTERAL Procurement can link your parts catalog with the equipment that uses them. It's an essential tool to rationalize your inventory and maintain a safe and economical level of spare parts.

Production Management Software

We also offer products and services related to computerized production management (CPMS). INTERAL Production is a modular application that centralizes the plant's production activities.

INTERAL Production offers functionalities that manage everything from customer accounts to order invoicing, including all production functions (automatically go into production depending on inventory levels and availability, bill of materials (BOM), routing, cost price, warehousing, shipping, etc.).

Our transactional, real-time application can provide, at any time, a multitude of information that's essential for managing production. Live, at any moment throughout the day, it's possible to have a clear picture of your production—inventory levels refreshed automatically, quality control results, and much more information and statistics.

Our production application and our customized development and implementation services are certainly to be considered by businesses looking for ERP or MRP type solutions.

Time and attendance

To complete INTERAL's functions, a time and attendance module has been incorporated to the software package. Alone, it manages employee punch times, differences between the reality and the schedule, absences, overtime, etc. Used in connection with INTERAL's other management modules, it becomes a powerful tool to follow time worked, in real-time, generating important information on work progress and workers' efficiency during their tasks.

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