How Does CMMS Work?

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10 Nov 2020

How Does CMMS Work?

Do you know how CMMS works? CMMS software is a valuable asset for modern companies. Besides making work easier for managers, this software lets you stay ahead of the needs of the business on many levels.

The company’s assets are the very foundation of its profitability. It is therefore essential to keep on top of them to ensure their sustainability. CMMS software allows for effective maintenance, which ensures that companies and industries run smoothly without unplanned downtime.

In addition, CMMS is tailored to different work ergonomics. It is therefore practical for industries, but also for companies with a large number of human resources, products, or machines to manage.

How does CMMS work and how do I implement it within a company? Our CMMS experts answer this question for you.

What is CMMS and what are its advantages?

CMMS stands for computerized maintenance management system. CMMS software is therefore primarily used to simplify the job of managers. CMMS software is different from ERP.

For the users of the software, it is a question of consistency and accuracy of information. This information includes but is not limited to the maintenance of:

  • equipment;
  • buildings;
  • control instruments;
  • vehicles.

Maintenance management software also allows the technicians to document their work more easily. As for the managers themselves, CMMS software allows them to monitor the financial implications of repairs during the year.

In short, using CMMS software reduces the risks of unplanned interruptions and ensures the effective maintenance of your assets, which allows you to continue your business activities and ensure your profitability. 

How does CMMS work?

Although it may seem complex at first glance, using computerized maintenance management software is quite simple. These tools are used to support the work of the various stakeholders. They are therefore designed to be effective and to simplify the work of administrators and technicians. 

Discover how CMMS software works thanks to our maintenance management experts. 


To simplify the work of your technicians and administrators, CMMS software has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It generally consists of a series of dashboards. These dashboards show you the results of a fast and precise analysis of the maintenance status. 

In addition, each dashboard can be tailored to the user. A technician will therefore have a different dashboard from a manager. Some software also lets you customize the visual reports so that they are better suited to the reality of your business.

How does CMMS work for scheduling?

Besides the dashboards, CMMS software lets you better plan the management of your employees. For example, you can make a schedule with real-time monitoring of the work in progress. You can also assign tasks simply by dragging and dropping. The software also lets you manage tasks by week, day, or hour, depending on the needs of your business.

Availability of a mobile application

Good CMMS software will have a web interface as well as a mobile application. This is what is known as truly “paperless maintenance.” The advantage of a mobile application for your software is access to all your work- and equipment-related documentation at all times, whether you are at the company or not. 

This also lets you reduce the number of tools to just one, since all your processes are handled in the same software. 

Fast technical support

Finally, some CMMS software also comes with the guarantee of fast technical support in case of problems, which is an undeniable advantage for modern businesses.

This support is usually offered to any type of requestor, whether they are a customer or an employee. In case of glitches, you just have to create a request in a few clicks. This request can be made from the web or mobile interface of your software.

Once the request has been created, you will have access to real-time monitoring of your request or receive a service call from the technicians.

To ensure the stability of your operations, CMMS is an essential tool. If you have any questions about our software, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are pleased to provide their expertise to you.

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