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Mobile applications

Mobile Maintenance Application for iOS & Android

The Kompanion! mobile application has been designed to assist and make life easier for your (maintenance) employees executing maintenance work; in your warehouse, on your equipment, in your production facility, on your infrastructure and on any other asset of your company that require maintenance.
Specifically designed for your maintenance crew, this mobile maintenance App is reliable and easy to use.

Work Requests

A highly effective way to gather the requests of any person who is committed to the proper functioning of the company and which simultaneously allows the applicant to see how its requests were treated! Work requests are simplified versions of work orders that can be created quickly when workers notice work that needs to be done.

Interal IoT

Interal has been offering several tools to integrate Maintenance 4.0 into your CMMS for a few years now. With the advent of the Internet of Things, it is now easier to monitor sensitive assets, analyze their operation according to different parameters and automate actions when trends show a situation deterioration. Interal IoT provides a better understanding of your maintenance status while ensuring greater equipment availability!

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INTERAL Maintenance is a world class high-performance and user-friendly computerized maintenance manager (What is a CMMS), with a superior user interface.

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Production management

Developed by Interal, the Production module (MRP software) helps meet the needs of manufacturers in terms of production management monitoring.

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Inventory Procurement

Interal Procurement is a flexible, powerful and easy to use management tool to manage your inventory and purchasing.

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Time management

Our module to manage time and attendance provides flexibility for personnel management and planning: activities, crafts, load planning, costs, wages, vacation, forecast, pointing hours, etc.

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