ERP Integration

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Interal is considered an expert in maintenance management software (CMMS), purchasing and production. We made the choice to focus on what we do best to give the most efficient possible solution to our customers. In the accounting world, there’s plenty of highly efficient software largely deployed all around the globe. In order to give our clients, the easiest possible experience using Interal, we’ve created bridges with many of these software.

 The links between Interal and other software are flexible. It allows you to use every, or a certain amount of Interal modules while using your other software to cover the rest of your activities. For example, you can connect the CMMS of Interal with an ERP who will take charge of the rest of the operations of the company. You could also use Interal at his full capacity and only connect an accounting software to complete it.

 No matter how you want to use it, the goals remain the same :

  •  Eliminate errors and double data entry
  •  A real time bidirectional connectivity
  •  Give the best possible solution to your employees to accomplish their tasks
  •  Money, time savings and peace of mind

The Interal connector can be used on a large choice of ERP and accounting software with different formulas that fits your reality.

 Contact us to discuss your projects and learn more about the implementation possibilities with your accounting system.


Ensure your equipment reliability


Maximize performance


Optimize your inventory

Time and attendance

Increase your team's efficiency