Interal food processing industry

Food Processing Industry

Food and food-processing businesses are subject to strict control procedures, for example HACCP or severe programs such as PASA of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or C-TPAT if you export to the United-States.

This industry has specific realities which require an adapted solution that meets their needs.

Traceability and batch management

Complete traceability must give you the possibility of finding a specific product, its manufacturing steps and the origin of its components. Starting from shipping of ingredients and raw materials, until the transformation and manufacturing as well as distribution, preparation and consumption of food products.

  • This will allow you, at all times, to instantly link an ingredient or consumable processed food to customers and take necessary action.
  • You will also be able to automate management of ingredients and products according to their expiry date and manage quarantined products.

Thanks to a structured tree-view search with dynamic anchor and its list of anchor points, the batch consultation interface allows you to see all batches linked to different batches of a same product, one link at a time, throughout the production process.

Preventive maintenance

An important part of this industry is the prevention of food contamination. A computerized maintenance management system will control the risk factors such as:

  • Contamination dangers related to the use of equipment.
  • An increase in the reliability of production equipment and machinery.
  • A decrease in maintenance costs.

Implementation and customers

Whether your needs are specific for maintenance or more global to control your production, the implementation must suit the realities of the food and food-processing industry.

Communicate with us to request a list of references in the food and food-processing industry. 


"When we adopted a reliability-based maintenance approach in 2005, at that time we were to use two software applications, one of which was INTERAL. Today, we have been able to save thousands of dollars uniquely because of INTERAL’s evolution, which has enabled us to integrate all of the maintenance functions and applications, such as our conditional, preventive and corrective maintenance programs, and improvements, with a software application that’s very user-friendly which allows our employees to learn easily and stay efficient, and with applications that allow us to optimize our spare parts inventory by more than 30%".

-  Michel Fortin, maintenance and reliability manager at the Allan Candy Company