Interal facility management

Facility Management

INTERAL Maintenance is perfectly suitable for industrial or commercial building maintenance thanks to its “Service call” and “Customer management” sub-modules (both sub-modules are included in the basic software licences).

The “Customer management” module allows you to manage your customers (tenants, occupying owner, ect.) and keep relevant information in the database regarding addresses, telephone numbers, contacts, etc.

The “Service call” module allows you to create work orders assigned to a customer. These work orders contain all necessary information to eventual bill your maintenance work.

The service calls generated in the database will be treated with the regular preventive or corrective work orders. This will allow you to efficiently manage your resources as well as the follow-ups on your service calls and other work orders every day.

How many phone calls from each customer? When did they contact me? When should we do the work order? Who did the work order? Where? When? How? And why? All these questions need precise answers.

Managing customers and events

  • management of maintenance activities for properties
  • service call management for each customer
  • maintenance planning for all work orders
  • capacity to identify and authorize certain jobs or projects
  • management of the history of events for each customer

Example of an available report


In parallel to the preventive and corrective maintenance management of your air conditioning system, plumbing, common area lighting, ect. you can assign a sender/receiver, add items, assign repairing, define a manager, accumulate hours, add a check list, manage visual or other types of documents and define a particular tool to do the requested repairs.

Preventive maintenance

An important aspect of your maintenance is without a doubt the ability to supply liable equipment to your customers/tenants or to your occupying customers:

  • Efficiently manage events, planned or not.
  • The use of graphic navigation.
  • Increase liability of machinery and equipment.
  • Decrease maintenance costs.

Implementation and customers

Whether your needs are specific for building maintenance or more global to control your production, the implementation must suit the realities of the real-estate industry.

Contact us to request a list of references in the real-estate and building industry.


"Among the benefits obtained since implementing the software, there is, among other things, a significant improvement in managing repetitive equipment failures, and therefore an improvement in the production equipmentís reliability".

- Tobby Leclair, preventive maintenance manager for Groupe Savoie Inc.