Interal CMMS Maintenance presentation

Data Collection

We understand that meaningful plant floor information is critical for your business.

We know how meaningful plant floor information can be to manufacturers and have therefore developed an advanced expertise in the data acquisition field. It appears that much of the information needed by companies already exists on the production floor, in administrative offices, or elsewhere, but sadly, the information is often incompatible to your formats, incomplete, or unreliable.

INTERAL has designed many different real-time data acquisition methods for production management that centralizes all the needed information in a format that is compatible with many types of applications. A centralized database containing production, laboratory or other types of data is populated in real-time to avoid information distortion and transcription errors. Either with our data collection stations, with a customized interface or with electronic links to your systems, INTERAL can devise an intervention plan with you to optimize data acquisition functions based on the data's origin and on the responsibilities of the employees in place.

CMMS plant floor data collection

By developing a partnership with your company, INTERAL can follow your evolution and adapt your data acquisition architecture according to your evolving needs. Either with one of our commercial products or by developing a new technology based on your expectations, a complete, integrated solution is available to meet your needs. 



These days, customers have the right to expect a certain level of quality. This has led to many new standards such as ISO and HACCP.

These systems often require the complete traceability of components used in production, as well as recall lists in case of defects in the finished product.

In order to meet these requirements, INTERAL offers a system that keeps track of the batches produced and their components. The system allows you to track the complete production history of each batch produced on a production order.

It is then simple to see the list of batches that were used in producing the batch. Thanks to its search structure by tree-view and its list of anchor points, the batch consulting interface allows you to see all the batches that relate to the same product, showing you, one at a time, the chain of batches used in the production process. 

CMMS Employee Identification software


Employee Identification

  • Employee identification according to unique identification number

  • Possibility of enabling and disabling employee files

  • Possibility of using biometric signature identification (fingerprints)

  • Personal data input (address, SSN, email, ect.)

Corporate Characteristic Management

  • Schedules affected directly to an employee or to a work group.
  • Note tab in employee file, allowing to take notes concerning the employee
  • Other information (hiring date, seniority, bank account, login entry, ect.)
  • Punch number independent from employee number (possibility of quickly giving a new punch number)
  • Starting salary data input and automatic calculating of average salary
  • Unlimited data input of salary class that can be affected to employee groups
  • Possibility of specifying a supervisor for each employee (allows scheduling management by supervisor)

Vacation and Holiday Management

  • Designation of vacation days in the calendar as well as paid and taken vacation days
  • Independent vacation and holiday management
  • Holiday import from employee index list
  • Number of authorized vacation days for each employee

Access Authorization Management

  • Administrator can affect one or many access groups to the system

Quality Management

Quality control has become an integrated part of the production process. It has become a standard element in good manufacturing practices, as important as production operations.

Our software includes solutions used to ensure the production and delivery of high quality products and processes across the supply chain.

Rising complexities of today’s markets are nothing new to Interal that implemented the production module of it's CMMS in various food, health and production related industries.

The real-time capture of data enables you to monitor and analyze quality data to allow you to easily manage quality. Now you can meet or exceed the business and technical requirements of any global manufacturing company.

One module of our CMMS can easily communicate with another one. We offer  global visibility needed to truly manage quality. Opt for a CMMS software with integrated QMS (Quality Management Software)

With the checklists and measuring tools, you can even input data during the production process and verify the product's properties in real time.

  • Specify the type of data to input (text or numerical)
  • Define the nature and number of parameters to collect
  • For text data, you can even make up a multiple-choice list 


In order to link INTERAL to any accounting system, a complete invoicing (payable and receivable) management module was developed.

Sales invoices can be created directly from the shipping management interfaces or using the invoice preparation interface. The latter makes it possible to compare the quantities ordered, shipped and already invoiced in order to facilitate the creation of invoices which can then be sent to customers.

As soon as the submission and the sales order are created, the system ensures that the appropriate sales item is identified, as well as the items related to the taxes collected and paid, in order to limit the number of entries and to eliminate the misallocation of the accounts.

This is made possible by the configuration of accounting groups which are subsequently linked within INTERAL to the products sold by the company.

In order to allow the adjustment of the value of inventories of materials received, the payables can also be entered into the system. In addition to the direct comparison between the amounts invoiced, the quantities received and the amounts recorded when the purchase order was created, the system makes it possible, if any deviation is accepted, to adjust the value of the Inventory through its standardization of purchase orders.

As a result of their input, all receivable and payable invoices can subsequently be exported to the company's accounting system via an adaptable accounting link, in order to avoid duplication and avoid any transcription errors.


'We have taken advantage of your ability to understand our needs and find efficient solutions for every problem you have demonstrated your great knowledge of software, both from a user and developer perspective'.

- France Cormier, real-estate system analyst for Industrielle Alliance